DECORISTA began as a large furniture and homewares showroom in 2020 right at the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic.  We opened our doors and 2 days later, W.A. shut down for the first time – From the outset, we’ve had to think differently.

In the following two years the world saw unprecedented change in shopping culture.  As online became the primary first port of call for customers, the future became clear as it made no sense to continue to operate from a traditional showroom costing 10k per month just to rent.  Every cost associated with doing business effects the end prices to consumers and we saw a way to do things better.

"Simply put, we couldn't bring you our range of lounges and upholstered furniture at the prices we do if we didn’t operate from our Studio in Bassendean" 


Heres how else we reduced our prices:

  • We reduced our basic business overheads by 75% by moving away from a high street location.
  • We embraced our local supply chain and moved to within 500 metres of where most of our upholstered furniture is made.
  • We made the decision to specialize and do what we do well.
  • We up-skilled and learned how to build our own website.
  • We operate Monday to Friday with a team of one - keeping our cost of doing business low is the key to our success.
  • Although we are founded by a retired interior designer, we eliminated interior designer and further discounts in favour of offering you the absolute best price every day.
  • As we have reduced our overheads, we have been able to reduce our mark-up to genuinely reduce our prices.  Our lounge and upholstered furniture prices are now 30% lower than before we moved online.

        We keep our focus on quality, bringing you better made furnishings that are designed to last and sold to you at the lowest possible prices.

        DECORISTA is unique.  From a customer experience where you'll feel valued, to the opportunity to choose from 1000's of fabrics and lots of sizes to customize your chosen piece of furniture, to the fact that we manufacture your new lounge in as little as 30 days.  

        Our lounges are made to last long term and have a 10 year structural guarantee.   What we offer is entirely different to the majority of lounges that you see in 90% of WA stores. 


        "Our philisophy is simple - give more, take less and let good business be when everybody plus the planet wins.  Welcome to DECORISTA, we are here to make a difference"    

        Matt Tucker (Company Director)


        We won’t be beaten on price – Find any of our lounge designs at a lower price
        from another Perth retailer and we’ll beat it by 10% - EVERY DAY!